It Feels Like Spring….

Even though there is still a lot of snow out there, the temperature has been rising during the day and the sun is shining. The backyard birds are singing. Even humans attitudes have improved. It has been a very tough winter here in the Northeast.

I can see a big improvement in the hens. They’re a lot more active and their appetites are back. Their busy scratching and pecking for whatever it is they find in the ground as it warms up. The days are getting longer and the additional sun light will induce egg production. I’m happy that it’s getting closer and closer to spring everyday!

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  1. Lee Says:

    Hi! It has been a while since I’ve checked in with you and your hens. It looks like you are down to two hens since “the beginning” of you “chicken adventure”. I too have lost most of my originals except for Sweetpea. She’s now almost eight years old. Still lays about 1 egg a week.
    I added two hens a couple of years ago so we get almost enough eggs for us but am planning to get three chicks this spring. The thought of going back to market eggs is repellent!

    Wishing you well and hope you will continue your hen cam so that we can enjoy your hens and follow what goes on with them on the “other coast”.

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